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Nexus Services Will Pay Bail For Counter-Protesters

VERONA, Va., Aug. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Nexus Services, Inc., CEO Mike Donovan announced today that his company would free all pro-civil rights "counter-protestors" by paying for all bonds stemming from the arrests of those standing against the "neo-Confederates" in Charlottesville, Virginia today. 

"We respect the constitutional rights of the citizens' of Charlottesville, particularly the young people rallying against hate who attend the University of Virginia.  We also know that many young people lack the money to secure and post bond. Nexus Services Inc. will help those counter protesting the neo-Confederate rally, particularly students, and get help them out of jail and home as soon as possible."

Nexus Services, Inc. will not secure bond for anyone wearing masks in public demonstrations that are found to be in violation the "Ku Klux Klan Act" of 1871.

The bail-assistance hotline is 434-688-0036. Collect calls will be accepted.

Friends, faculty and relatives are encouraged to share this number with any one joining the counter-protest against the neo-Confederates and in need assistance paying bail.

"While we firmly believe in freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, it appears, however, that those being arrested in Charlottesville are disproportionately young students who oppose the presence of the KKK and the neo-Confederates in their community," said Donovan.

About Nexus Services, Inc.:
Nexus Services affirms the inherent worth and dignity of people by becoming a voice to those victimized by the legal system and providing hope to those who have lost it. Nexus aids immigrant communities in crisis through bonding and pro bono legal services. Nexus guides pretrial and post-conviction offenders to a place of stability and accountability while striving to reduce jail populations. Additionally, Nexus' front-line approach to advocacy, charity, and goodwill in the community facilitates their mission to help clients achieve long-term success and become established members of society. Nexus is committed to standing with their clients and their clients' families in the same regard that they stand with their own company family. Nexus is united by the quest for justice and desire to spark change in the world.

Media Contact:     Jen Little,
Director of Public Relations, Nexus Services, Inc.
540-255-9492, jlittle@nexushelps.com

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