14.06.2018 17:40:00

GreenBox POS Newest Blockchain Payment and E-Wallet Technology Now Available For iOS and Android

SAN DIEGO, June 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Via OTC PR Wire – GreenBox POS, LLC the ("Company"), (USOTC:GRBX) is pleased to announce that QuickCard, the company's latest Blockchain payment and E-Wallet technology development has now passed all deployment criteria, including release criteria and compliance requirements. This robust, world class technology, is now available for most platforms, and will gradually replace existing installations of GreenBox payment technology and be the only available payment infrastructure for new clients moving forward. The company's flagship product, taking full advantage of Blockchain benefits like security, privacy, reliability and extendibility, is also the first system to offer instant settlement capabilities and an end-to-end, natively-integrated product suite. GreenBox existing and new clients have lined up to be among the first to adopt the new technology, and full-scale installations are now ongoing. The company already sees a dramatic improvement to earning quality and predictability, and expects this trend to persist. GreenBox's success in securing robust commitments pipeline to deploy the new technology created opportunities in several new business verticals for the company. As a result, updated gross revenues projections reflecting that for the next 18 months have more than doubled.
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