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不一樣又怎樣!為LGBT、性別平權發聲!盤點四首經典彩虹國語歌 | Let’s celebrate Taiwan Pride Month with 4 essential LGBT songs

【看CP學英文】2019年5月17日,台灣通過同婚法案,成為亞洲第一。而一直以來,就有許多歌曲為LGBT發聲,包括大家熟知的張惠妹〈彩虹〉、五月天〈擁抱〉、蔡依林〈不一樣又怎樣〉、〈玫瑰少年〉等。雨過天晴,看見彩虹,讓我們一起欣賞這四首感動肺腑的歌曲和MV吧!On May 17, 2019, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. In the months and years that led to this historic date, many songs have helped to bring exposure to the LGBT cause, including “Rainbow” by A-Mei, “Embrace” by May Day and “We’re All Different, Yet The Same” and “Womxnly” by Jolin Tsai. Let’s remember these four amazing songs and videos!張惠妹《彩虹》| A-MIT’s ‘Rainbow’這首《彩虹》原名是《我的同志男友》,是張惠妹對著身邊的同志朋友而唱,以閨蜜的視角描述同志的處境。激昂的曲調以及深刻動人的歌詞為同志族群打氣,也被評選為最經典的同志歌曲。Originally titled “My Gay Boyfriend,” “Rainbow” was first sung to A-MIT ‘s gay friends. The song describes being gay in Taiwan from the perspective of a best friend. The stirring tune and deeply moving lyrics have long cheered the gay community. Thanks to its inspiring lyrics, it was voted the most classic gay song.「當尖銳眼光,當刺耳聲響,你用彩虹的浪漫,溫柔包裝。」表達同志族群在面對社會輿論時,仍然勇敢地活出自我。“When being sized up by the curious eyes, when hearing the piercing sound, you wrap in the romance of the rainbow, gently,” he song says.「衣櫃不算太寬,藏著你的天堂,依然歡迎我分享。」以社會上象徵同性戀者坦承自己性向的「出櫃」,表達同性戀者也希望將愛情的喜悅分享給朋友。“The closet isn’t too big, but I’m still welcome to share your paradise.” This line shows that gays, who are coming out, are also willing to share their joy of love with friends. 「我們的愛很像,都因男人而受傷,卻又繼續碰撞。」清楚點出同性戀者與異性戀者的愛並無差異,同樣會面對跌倒,努力地重新再站起。“Our love is very much alike, both wounded by men, and yet continue to collide,” A-MIT’s song says.五月天《擁抱》 Mayday’s ‘Embrace’作為吉他入門曲的《擁抱》,其實這首歌也是在描述同志間的情感。“Embrace,” known as a simple guitar song for every beginner, is a song that describes the emotions of gay people. 《擁抱》歌詞雖然看似朦朧,卻藏有許多鮮明的敘述。像是「晚風吻盡荷花葉,任我醉倒在池邊」裡的荷花池是指代表同志社交場所的二二八公園,這在白先勇的小說《孽子》當中也多有描述。The lyrics, though seemingly obscure, feature many vivid descriptions. “The evening wind kissed the leaves of the lotus flowers and let me fall drunk by the pool.” The lotus pond refers to the one at 228 Peace Park which is a social venue for gays and lesbians in Taipei.蔡依林《不一樣又怎樣》 | Jolin Tsai’s  ‘We’re All Different, Yet The Same’2014年發行的《不一樣又怎樣》,改編自真人真事,探討同婚議題,主張婚姻平權。MV講述一對步入中年的女同志情侶,其中一人重病被送入醫院急救。Released in 2014, “What’s Different, Yet The Same” is an adaptation of a true story that explores the issue of same-marriage and advocates for equal rights. The video follows a lesbian couple entering middle age, one of whom is seriously ill and admitted to hospital.而因為兩人之間並沒有實質的法律關係與效力,面對醫護人員不斷詢問「你和病患是什麼關係?」,卻只能用「好朋友」三個字來回答。Yet, when the couple was asked about their relationship, they could only say they were just “friends” because there was no legal bond between them. 只能不斷嘗試打電話找尋病患很久沒聯絡的遠親來簽字。同居30幾年的情侶,在法律上卻什麼都不是,也沒辦法向外人說出彼此的關係。最後另一方過世了,而歸亞蕾終於說出「她是我妻子」,更是引發網友噴淚。In the video, the lesbian couple could only try to find distant relatives to sign. Although the lesbian couple has lived together for more than 30 years, their relationship means nothing legally. One of them passed away and the other finally said, “She is my wife.” 蔡依林《玫瑰少年》|  Jolin Tsai’s ‘Womxnly’2018年發行的《玫瑰少年》,五月天阿信以葉永鋕事件作為創作背景,表達對LGBT權利與性別平等的關注。Released in 2018, “Womxnly,” whose lyrics were written by Mayday’s Ashin, depicts Ye Yong-Zhi Incident, expressing his concerns about LGBT rights and gender equality. 這首歌也獲得第30屆金曲獎「年度歌曲獎」的殊榮,蔡依林上台領獎時,發表感言:「葉永鋕提醒了我,在任何情況我都可能成為某種少數,所以我更要用同理心去愛任何我身邊的人。這首歌獻給他,也獻給所有曾經認為自己沒有選擇的你,你一定要選擇你自己。」The song won the “Song of the Year” award at the 30th Golden Melody Awards, an honor awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan to recognize outstanding achievement in the Mandarin language.Jolin gave an award speech, saying that “Ye Yong-chi reminds me I could become some minority in any situation, so I have to love anyone around me with empathy. This song is dedicated to him, and to all of you who have ever thought you had no choice, that you must choose yourself.” 
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