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25.05.2020 11:20:39

日本知名服飾出新招 搶防疫商機竟賣這「物品」 | Uniqlo to sell ‘Airism masks’ at Japan stores

【看CP學英文】日本快時尚服飾大牌優衣庫計畫從今夏開始各大門市將販售口罩,搶防疫商機。Fast Retailing Co., maker of the Uniqlo casual wear brand, plans to sell masks at Uniqlo outlets and other stores from this summer.這款口罩將採用清爽輕盈的涼感衣透氣材質,戴上後就算流汗也不會感到不適。涼感口罩系列將在各大實體門市、網路商店販售。The masks will be made from the same material used for the Airism line of undergarments, breathable items that do not feel stuffy even if the wearer sweats. They will be available at brick-and-mortar outlets as well as Uniqlo’s online store.Airism涼透爽材質系列相當吸汗,其服飾大多由中國和東南亞工廠生產。One of Uniqlo’s staple product lines, Airism wicks away moisture. Its clothes are made in garment factories in China and Southeast Asia.Uniqlo原先沒有打算製造口罩,然在眾多客人的要求與說服下後改變主意。Fast Retailing was initially lukewarm about producing masks, but changed its mind after many customers asked for them.Uniqlo發言人於今(25)日宣布未來將公布口罩上市日期和售價細節。Details of the launch and pricing of the face masks will be announced later, a spokeswoman for Uniqlo said on Monday.雖然日本官方通報確診人數逐漸下滑,但仍不能鬆懈。為防止病毒擴散,口罩將成為日常生活的必需品。愈來愈多公司投入口罩生產行列,其中包括夏普、美津濃等大公司。There may be fewer cases of the coronavirus in Japan, but to help prevent its spread, masks will be needed for the foreseeable future. More and more companies in the nation are turning to mask production, including Sharp Corp. and Mizuno Corp.
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