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08.06.2023 14:50:00

2 AI Stocks You May Regret Buying

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage, but not every company developing AI-related products and services deserves your investment dollars. Enterprise AI software vendor C3.ai (NYSE: AI) and AI lending marketplace Upstart (NASDAQ: UPST) are both posting big losses, and neither are seeing huge upticks in demand amid the AI boom. Both stocks could turn out fine in the long run, but market-beating returns are far from guaranteed.While shares of enterprise AI software provider C3.ai have shot up this year, the business itself hasn't done nearly as well. Revenue was essentially unchanged in the fiscal fourth quarter, which ended on April 30, and the company expects revenue growth of just 15% in fiscal 2024.It seems that nearly every company is doing something with AI, and yet C3.ai is struggling to grow at all. That's a huge red flag and a sign that the company's products aren't aligned with what potential customers are looking for.Continue reading
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