21.01.2022 13:00:00

3 Reasons Office Investors Should Be Considering the Metaverse

Office investors have had a rough time during the pandemic. It's been a whole on-again, off-again relationship between employers and in-office requirements (for the safety of workers, so this is not a criticism at all). Return-to-work dates continue to be postponed as new COVID variants emerge, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends additional vaccinations, and schools open and close sporadically because of overwhelming numbers of teachers and staff out due to illness.Although a fair number of employees were doing OK working remotely -- with PwC's 2021 US Remote Work Survey showing that 83% of employers and 71% of employees feel that remote work has been a success -- only 5% of executives thought company culture would survive in a purely remote environment.Since that survey, the metaverse has become a whole thing, and real estate investors are eyeing the potential it holds. For office investors, the metaverse is an especially interesting proposition since it presents the opportunity for companies to have both in-office work and remote work at the same time. The metaverse represents a whole new evolution for office investors, and there are so many reasons to invest there.Continue reading
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