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30.10.2020 10:51:00

5 Stocks to Buy With $100 During a Market Sell-Off

If investors have learned anything about 2020, it's to expect the unexpected. This year, we've witnessed the sharpest bear-market decline from a recent high in history, as well as the fastest bounce back to new all-time highs from a bear market low. The idea of timing the market with any consistency has been completely tossed out the window.However, volatility and uncertainty don't have to be viewed as negatives for the investment community. As long as you have a long-term mindset, wild and unexpected swings lower in the stock market have historically always represented an opportunity for investors to put their money to work.Best of all, you don't need to start with a fortune to make one. If you have $100 that you can put toward investing, which won't be needed to pay bills or cover emergencies, you have more than enough to begin charting a path toward financial freedom. If the stock market continues to sell off, consider taking $100 and buying the following five stocks.Continue reading
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