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03.06.2020 10:43:54

5566小刀曖昧長髮女搗香閨 女方身分起底是「酒店紅牌」 | Former 5566 member caught cheating with hostess

【看CP學英文】41歲的5566前成員小刀(彭康育),因為受傷的關係,退居幕後已久,現在是娛樂公司的老板。他8年前與身價296億元的台玻集團二千金林文晴結婚,並與有一女,而今(3)日稍早他被爆與一位神祕長髮女密會,還進出對方家中,女方身分也遭曝光。Rio Peng, a former member of 5566, was caught cheating with a long-haired woman on Wednesday. The 41-year-old singer and dancer, who has been working behind the scenes since an injury, owns an entertainment company.The singer married Tina Lin, the daughter of a local billionaire years ago, with whom he has a daughter. 據《時報週刊》報導,已經是台玻集團駙馬爺的小刀,近來與一名清秀女子過從甚密,一個月裡就有4天被目擊到開車載該女到她家,熟門熟路不說,更多次進出女方家中。而這名女子身分遭起底,原來是知名酒店的紅牌,花名Amber。According to CTWant, the former boy-band member has had a long, intimate relationship with the hostess, named Amber, driving her home several times a month. She allegedly works in a famous hotel. 《NOWnews今日新聞》傳訊息詢問小刀回應,對方不讀不回。Asked about the affairs, Peng had no reply as of press time, according to NOWnews.小刀(左一)因為受傷退出5566,轉為幕後的他,已經是娛樂公司的老闆。| Rio has been working behind the scenes for a long time since he had injuries and is now the owner of an entertainment company.(圖/翻攝小刀臉書|Courtesy of Facebook/Rio Peng)
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