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03.06.2020 06:41:17

Ady An remembers best friend in emotional post to Weibo

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese actress and singer Ady An, who had a deep bond with actor Shone An, posted an emotional message to Weibo on Monday on the fifth anniversary of his passing, saying: “I’m sorry. I couldn’t fly back to see you this year, but let’s meet in a dream tonight.”Shone, a former member of the boy band “Comic Boyz” and an actor, died of liver cancer in 2015 at the age of 31.Her message featured a picture of shone who grinned cheerfully at the camera with cool sunglasses. At the right down corner, she added a cute sunshine sticker on it, echoing Ady’s hear-warming big smile.Ady posted with an image of shone who grinned cheerfully at the camera with the cool sunglasses. (Courtesy of Weibo/Ady An)The post read: “It’s your fifth year of traveling abroad, and I’m sure ‘Heavenly Land’ is filled with laughter every day, just like Children’s Day on June 1. Every year, this day, I miss you and your childlike smile so much.”
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