26.03.2023 14:42:00

AI Software Revenue Is Racing Toward $14 Trillion: 2 Growth Stocks to Buy Now and Hold

Wall Street is abuzz with talk of generative artificial intelligence (AI), the technology behind viral chatbot ChatGPT. Generative AI turns prompts into novel text, images, and videos, and it promises to revolutionize countless industries. In fact, generative AI is already being used by healthcare professionals, media creators, and marketers.But content generation is just one use case. AI software can also be used to identify objects, predict outcomes, and make decisions, all of which dramatically augment human productivity. To that end, asset manager Ark Invest believes AI software revenue will increase at 42% annually to reach $14 trillion by 2030.Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) are particularly well positioned to capitalize on that trend. Here's why both stocks are worth buying today.Continue reading
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