16.11.2019 15:45:00

Apple Will Soon Be the Leader in 5G Phones

Right now, Samsung is the leader in 5G phones. The South Korean tech conglomerate has already released a couple of smartphones with variants that support 5G networks, such as the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. A few other smartphone vendors have also started to wade into the 5G waters, with China's Huawei at No. 2 currently. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) was unable to launch a 5G iPhone in 2019 due in large part to its two-year-long legal war with Qualcomm and hopes that Intel would be able to deliver a competing 5G modem (it couldn't).Apple's surprise settlement with Qualcomm in April paves the way for a 5G iPhone in 2020. Once it arrives, the Cupertino tech giant will become the leader in 5G smartphones.Apple wasn't able to include 5G in the iPhone 11 Pro. Image source: Apple.Continue reading
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