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Babak Kazemi leapfrog's into global markets with payments & entertainment innovation

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Babak Kazemi, techno-innovator, blockchain enthusiast, & entrepreneur based out of California has introduced Remotiq and Starz2u, two different platforms bridging the gaps of two different markets.

Babak Kazemi leapfrog's into global markets with payments & entertainment innovation

Remotiq is an easy-to-setup, versatile platform online that allows businesses & individuals to gain access to fluid payment capabilities in tandem with crypto & fiat currencies alike, addressing a crucial need especially for Medium-sized Corporates, SMEs, and Venture Builders today who want a singular yet versatile payments management touchpoint, binding their multiple business ledgers together into one concise payment processor across legacy as well as the newage mediums.

Starz2u on the other hand is a platform that further humanises celebrities by allowing people in MENA & APAC regions to actualise their "dream" celebrity moments through a variety of requests they can make to their favourite artistes, athletes, speakers, influencers, & actors, all through a very luxurious, VIP look & feel. While similar models exist, their functionality is limited, and their focus is predominantly on and for North American markets & personalities. In contrast, Starz2u will be at the forefront of providing a more glocal and eclectic bridge between celebrities & their fans, particularly for markets where audiences have more endemic tastes.

Both platforms are the brainchild of Babak Kazemi, an upcoming author and disruptive-tech advocate who has spent the last twenty years creating some of the biggest entertainment events across different locations in United States, Malaysia, Dubai, and Iran. Amidst that rich tapestry of events, Mr. Kazemi also spent a decade conceptualising unique training and learning frameworks for leadership, which he utilised as a marketeer and coach for his own ventures alongside for others who brought him in as project advisor over the years.

"Decentralised Digital Assets and Applications are the future in terms of mankind having a more accessible life," says Mr. Kazemi.

Remotiq and Starz2u are just the first of many more projects to come. Babak Kazemi & his group of companies have had their eyes and hands on Blockchain for the last three years, given his passion to leverage disruptive technologies in ways that are out-of-box yet impactful to the masses.

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