21.08.2019 05:31:00

Better Buy: Alibaba vs. JD.com

Investors in Chinese companies have had a tough time lately. The trade war has taken a toll on the country's overall growth, and the Chinese currency has depreciated significantly versus the U.S. dollar. That means even if Chinese companies are doing well, every dollar of their earnings in Chinese yuan is worth less in dollars to U.S. investors.Yet the current storm clouds could provide long-term investors with an opportunity. The big slowdown in China has been in the country's industrial and manufacturing sectors, which have contracted for the past three months.But China's economy is more than just its manufacturing sector. The country is being driven more and more by consumer spending, just like the U.S. economy. Looking at recent results from leading e-commerce platforms Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) and JD.com (NASDAQ: JD), in fact, you wouldn't notice any downturn. Both companies reported healthy growth above analyst expectations. For those looking to profit from the Chinese consumer when others are fearful, which consumer-centric Chinese e-commerce player is the best buy today?Continue reading
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