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17.12.2019 17:50:00

Better Buy: Disney vs. Time Warner

It's been a year since I pitted Disney (NYSE: DIS) against Time Warner parent AT&T (NYSE: T), and the real shocker here is that it's been a hearty 2019 for the two historically sleepy blue chips. Between the wildly successful launch of Disney+ and activists lighting a fire under Ma Bell, it's been fairly rewarding to own either of the two stocks.Disney stock has soared 37% in 2019, and it's not even the biggest gainer. AT&T investors have experienced a 44% return this year. As hot as the market has been in 2019, both stocks are handily smoking the market. Push the starting line back to Christmas Eve of last year -- the day that I sided with AT&T over Disney -- and the race is a dead heat, with both stocks up a whopping 50%. You couldn't have gone wrong with either stock at that point, but now let's size up the two investments to see which one will be the better call in 2020.Image source: Disney.Continue reading
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