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Can PayPal Double in 5 Years? Here's What It Would Take.

PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) has been one of the worst-performing stocks of the past few years. It's down by about 80% from its 2021 all-time high. To be sure, there are some good reasons. User growth has stagnated, a brand-new management team just took over, and there's an unclear plan when it comes to future growth.On the other hand, PayPal looks like a remarkably cheap stock these days, and it could certainly deliver a 100% or higher return for investors over the next five years if things go well.Many different things could happen with PayPal over the next five years, and it's impossible to name them all here. It's entirely possible that management will introduce a new and successful product, or for the company to leverage AI in some way that dramatically improves something about its platform, just to name a few examples.Continue readingWeiter zum vollständigen Artikel bei MotleyFool

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