22.10.2021 17:10:00

Crocs Stock Rocks: Shocked?

Shares of Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX) were among the big winners during earnings season this week. The seller of patented closed-cell resin antimicrobial footwear -- aka, the rubbery shoes with the holes -- saw its stock soar by 9% on Thursday following another excellent financial report. Trouncing expectations on both ends of the income statement for the third quarter is always a good start. Crocs also boosted its guidance, which has become a quarterly rite for the ascending brand these days. And it was able to ease some of the supply chain concerns that have smacked other companies that reported financials earlier this month.Is the Crocs run for real? Investors who attempt to chase profits in trending fashions can get scorched when influencers move on to a new style or pick a different retro icon to reinvigorate. But take a closer look at Crocs and you'll probably like what you see. Continue reading
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