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07.08.2018 13:41:00

DESTIG Announces First Group of Winners for DESTIG Awards 2018

LONDON, August 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

DESTIG Magazine is pleased to announce 5 Artists that have been selected as winners of its annual Awards.These emerging artists have achieved the top distinction in highly competitive categories and were selected for their mastery of ideas, project execution and commercial potential. 

Changyeon Lee - Artist of the Year - NORTH AMERICA (MIXED MEDIA).
A New York-based award-winning artist and director of Studio god's gift. His practice specialises in kinetic sculpture through the use of mechanical components and natural objects. Changyeon lives and works in New York City; Las Vegas; Seoul. http://www.studiogodsgift.com

Eric Wiles - Artist of the Year - NORTH AMERICA (PHOTOGRAPHY).
An internationally active photographer and artist whose work has been exhibited and published around the world. His love for travel began at an early age, photography allowed him to share his appreciation for natural beauty and man-made objects through his uniquely creative imagination. Eric is based in Santa Clara, California. www.ew-photo.com 

Hasti Sadarsti - Artist of the Year -MIDDLE EAST (PAINTING).
An award winning and internationally exhibiting artist. She is always on the move. Moving through time, spaces of body & mind. Making art is having a home, where she can connect to the most genuine of her existence. Hasti is Iranian born and living in London. http://www.hastisardashti.com 

Tejbir Singh- Artist of the Year- MIDDLE EAST (MIXED MEDIA).
An Architect/Artist based in Bahrain. Architecture reflects prominently in his art both in the choice of subjects and in their treatment. His work, "Rest @ Piccadilly", was chosen as one of the 10 finalists @ ARTBOX Annual Exhibition, New York. Prints of his works depicting the heritage of Bahrain are now in the Bahrain National Museum. http://tejbir.artspan.com/mbr_bio.php 

Philip Noyed- Top 50 Artist in the World 2018
An innovative multi-media artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His art work represents the quintessential contemporary art movement making use of creative technology that is changing the way art is viewed today. While located in Minneapolis, he has clients across the world. http://www.philipnoyed.com 

DESTIG Editor in Chief Mike Walters commented: "The DESTIG Awards identifies creatives showing far-reaching thought and excellence in production combined with commercial insight. The Artists that were nominated in each category produced unique works with outstanding authenticity, quality and sophistication; they are world class talents.

For more information on DESTIG and DESTIG Awards please visit http://www.DESTIG.com

Alice Carreras, DESTIG, team@destig.net

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