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21.09.2021 16:00:00

Dow Down: Is It Time to Buy?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has kept investors happy most of the time this year. Gains have happened pretty steadily -- with the index heading for a 15% annual gain as of Aug. 31. And then, with September, the worries came marching in. Various factors are weighing on stocks. And you may not be too happy as you look at your portfolio right now. The Dow has slipped for the past three weeks. And for the month, it's down 3.9% through yesterday. So, does this mean it's time to sell or simply hold? Or does it actually mean it's time to buy stocks? Let's take a closer look and find out.Image source: Getty Images.First, let's check out the news that's hurting stocks at the moment. One major problem is the situation of China's Evergrande Group. The real estate company -- with debt of around $300 billion -- says it may not be able to meet financial obligations. Investors fear a massive default in China would hurt the global economy -- meaning trouble for everyone.Continue reading
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