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16.03.2020 12:00:00

Fathym, Inc. announces launch of Fathym Forecaster, a powerful suite of weather forecasting and low-code data visualization tools

BOULDER, Colo., March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Fathym, Inc. has launched the Fathym Forecaster, a robust, feature-rich API environment that offers a powerful suite of weather forecasting and low-code data visualization tools. The Forecaster offers developers powerful weather forecasting capabilities over freely-chosen locations and routes across the globe, with any combination of variables.

In addition to the wide array of weather conditions, the API delivers a unique suite of highly-specialized forecast variables derived through statistically-based machine learning models. These derived variables include road temperature, road state, road condition, and a delay risk factor that computes the weather's impact on destination arrival estimates.

The Fathym Forecaster provides forecasts out to 120 hours globally. The API also offers 90-day historical queries. All forecasts are time-interpolated to the nearest second, rather than the lag of hourly updates offered by other forecasts APIs. Additionally, map tile output is compatible with all industry standard map overlay APIs such as Azure Maps, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.

Potential use cases include, but are not limited to, individual point forecasts through time, as well as individual forecasts for large sets of locations, such as the locations of all electric charging stations in the United States. Treating points in space and time as routes can extend forecast capabilities to user-selected transportation routes, supporting many potential applications targeting commercial transportation and travel where road and surface condition predictions impact planning and logistics.

The Fathym Forecaster is designed to ingest any spatial temporal datasets, including additional weather models, to provide enhanced forecast granularity or industry-specific modeling and prediction.

"The scalability and flexibility of the Fathym Forecaster is truly remarkable," says Christy Szoke, Chief Marketing Officer of Fathym. "Using machine learning, we are able to forecast the data variables that fleets and cities truly need to improve safety and optimize their operations."

The entire suite of API features is available under a single subscription, starting at $100/month, taking the guesswork out of having to pick and choose from multiple subscriptions to fill your application needs.

The Fathym Forecaster is the culmination of focused development and expertise to launch a groundbreaking, statistically-based forecast using machine learning that is built to tackle the largest datasets. The Forecaster has been tried and tested by a wide variety of Fathym customers, such as commercial transportation fleets, consumer navigation systems and specialized drones. The Fathym Forecaster can be utilized to help drivers navigate more safely, fleets optimize routes, cities maintain roads, and more.

To find out more and get started with the Fathym Forecaster, contact and visit

About Fathym

Fathym is a Low-Code IoT Framework that equips developer teams to rapidly build data applications and IoT solutions. Fathym lowers the barrier for entry in developing data and IoT solutions, minimizing risk by shortening development cycles and reducing reliance on limited expert resources.

The Low-Code Framework automates the setup of best practice IoT cloud infrastructure, simplifies the configuration of IoT resources and data flows, and provides low-code app building tools to rapidly launch and customize end-to-end solutions. The Fathym Forecaster is a robust, feature-rich API that offers a powerful suite of weather forecasting and data visualization tools to enrich IoT and data solutions.



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