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Four Star General Cleaning Service Now Provides Electrostatic Sanitization to NYC Offices

NEW YORK, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Four Star General Cleaning Service has included electrostatic sanitization into their service line to remove COVID-19 from infected NYC facilities. If you have had an employee or customer test positive for the virus, our commercial cleaning company will be able to remove the COVID-19 from your facility by thoroughly disinfecting the space with our electrostatic sprayers!

Disinfecting Against COVID-19 in NYC with Electrostatic Sanitizing (CNW Group/Four Star General Office Cleaning Service)

Using an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect your office against COVID-19

We use the electrostatic treatment with the cdc/epa approved chemicals which is one of the most effective ways to kill viruses. This includes Coronaviruses. With specialized electrostatic sprayers, you use a liquid disinfectant that is positively charged as it moves through the sprayer and the surface will stay cleaner and free of persistent viruses for up to 28 days. These sprayers are lab tested, effective and safe to use, as the spray isn't harmful to the environment. The chemicals in electrostatic cleaning equipment are friendly to the environment and safe for people to be around – and they're quick! They can be used throughout your office setting, including kitchens and bathroom spaces to keep the area free of any and all bacteria.

Why electrostatic disinfecting is a must

One of the main issues associated with office health and safety is that companies are only cleaning more frequently, not more thoroughly. If an employee or customer has tested positive for the virus, general surface cleaning cannot properly disinfect your office against COVID-19. This is because electrostatic cleaning is a CDC-approved disinfecting spray that can sanitize areas general surface cleaning can't, including paperwork, electronics, keyboards, carpets, telephones, and vents. If someone at your office has tested positive, electrostatic cleaning with the use of cdc/epa approved chemicals is the most effective response to remove COVID-19 from your office. 

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

If your commercial office, factory, school or medical facility has been at risk, you need to take the proper steps to remove this virus from your facility. All of our janitors have been trained in accordance with OSHA  guidelines with regards to Hazard Communication Standard (HCS/Hazcom), PPE, and Bloodborne Pathogens. Our janitors are also cleaning offices wearing the necessary PPE and will continue to do so once you return to your offices. Contact us to discuss electrostatic disinfecting at your NYC office.



COVID-19 Virus Disinfecting: Electrostatic Sanitization vs Surface Cleaning (CNW Group/Four Star General Office Cleaning Service)

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