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18.04.2021 16:22:00

Global C5 Complement Inhibitor Soliris Ultomiris Market Clinical Trial Research Outlook 2026

DELHI, India, April 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --

"Global C5 Complement Inhibitors Drug Market Opportunity, Drug Price, Sales & Clinical Trials Insight 2026" Report Highlights:

  • Global C5 Complement  Inhibitors Drug Market Opportunity: > USD 15 Billion
  • Global C5 Complement  Inhibitors Drug Market Absolute Growth: 65% (2017 -2020)
  • Global C5 Complement  Inhibitors Drug Market Growth In 2020: 21%  (> USD 5 Billion)
  • Commercially Available C5 Complement  Inhibitors Drugs:  3 (Soliris, Ultomiris & Elizaria)
  • Soliris (Eculizumab) Sales In 2020: > USD 3 Billion

Download Report: https://www.kuickresearch.com/report-global-us-japan-c5-c5a-eculizumab-complement-inhibitor-inhibitors-drugs-drug-market-sales-size-complement-inhibitor-clinical-trials-anti-c5-soliris-eculizumab-elizaria--sales-ultomiris-ravulizumab-paroxysmal-nocturnal-hemoglobinuria

The C5 complement inhibitors are emerging as a novel therapeutic approach for the management of rare disease and this segment is expected to hold a major share in the future orphan drug market. As complement system plays crucial role in regulation of proper body functioning and maintenance of homeostasis, the C5 complement inhibiting approach has potential to open multiple opportunities and avenues for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and life science industries due to vast diversity in the inhibitory mechanism. After the initial success of available C5 complement inhibitors, it is expected that this segment will transform the currently implemented targeted strategies and arrival of new products of this category will boost the overall market size of this segment.

Along with the available C5 complement inhibitors, the involvement of several new candidates of this class in clinical pipeline is also believed to trigger the growth rate of this segment. Various new C5 complement targeting candidates are under clinical stage of development, which will further broaden the therapeutic potential of this segment and takes C5 complement inhibitor market to the next level. The success of approved C5 complement inhibitors is encouraging the researchers of the leading pharmaceutical companies to consider this approach and several new candidates of this category entered the clinical pipeline within a short period of time. The investigational products such as Zilucoplan, Zumira, Avacopan, Crovalimab, rVA576, LFG316 and CAN106 etc. will probably get approval by year 2023, which will speed-up the growth rate of this therapeutic segment. Further, the huge market size and high acceptability of this segment is indicating towards the future competitive landscape as most of the leading pharma giants are showing interest in this novel therapeutic class.

Currently, most of the leading pharmaceutical companies are working for the development of ideal C5 complement inhibitors and many new small molecules are expected to enter in preclinical trials for exploring their potential to inhibit C5 complement. The challenges for this market segment are few, which are believed to overcome very soon while a large number of factors are promoting the future growth of this market segment. Therefore, C5 complement market has potential to transform the future market of rare diseases and intense growth is expected in this sector. It is believed that the C5 complement inhibitors will overtake a major portion of the orphan drugs segment in near future. 

Neeraj Chawla
Research Head




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