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Got $5,000? 3 Bear-Market Stocks to Buy Now and Hold Forever

The recent bear market has considerably reduced the appeal of most stocks. With many growth stocks down 75% or more from their highs, investors have increasingly looked to other investment vehicles.But the downturn could actually bring opportunity to one type of stockholder: the long-term investor. These prospective buyers can now purchase stocks at a massive discount, which should dramatically increase returns once the market recovers. Three discounted tech stocks that would make great permanent additions to your portfolio are Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), Axon Enterprise (NASDAQ: AXON), and Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ: ZM).Jake Lerch (Microsoft): Bear markets can do more than just deflate your portfolio balance -- they can also reduce your faith in the stock market itself. After all, the whole point of investing is to grow your wealth, not see it dwindle. Continue reading
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