18.08.2022 12:52:00

Have $2,500? These 2 Stocks Could Be Bargain Buys for 2022 and Beyond.

If you've got $2,500 that you will not need for at least a few years, then investing it in the stock market is an excellent option. Here are two stocks you can currently buy at bargain prices.  Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), the streaming content pioneer, thrived at the pandemic's onset when billions of folks were stuck spending most of their time at home. Meanwhile, Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: META) is arguably the world's most dominant social media company. Investors have rarely had an opportunity to buy these stocks as cheaply as they are available now. Netflix finds itself in bargain territory after the stock has fallen 60% so far this year. The streaming pioneer added millions of new subscribers as engagement surged when government-mandated business closures reduced entertainment options. Restrictions halted content production industrywide, so expenses also fell as revenue soared. This trend ended in early 2022 for Netflix as the economic reopening gained momentum. Continue reading
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