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24.05.2024 12:12:00

Here's My Largest Stock Investment Now -- and Why I Don't Plan to Sell a Single Share

My stock portfolio isn't terribly concentrated, and the "largest" stock investment in it has changed a few times over the past couple of years thanks to price movements. Upon logging into my brokerage account about a week ago, I found that it has changed again: Social media company Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) is now the largest stock investment in my portfolio.To be sure, I didn't necessarily plan on Pinterest becoming my largest stock investment when I bought it. But I bought most of my position at roughly $15 per share during the initial COVID-19 market crash when it looked absurdly cheap, and I bought what I would consider a large position at the time. The stock is up by about 170% four years later, and after its recent post-earnings pop, is now my largest individual stock investment.Although Pinterest has performed exceptionally well in my portfolio, I have absolutely no intention of selling any of it anytime soon. Not only does it still represent a comfortable percentage of my total assets (about 10% of my stock portfolio), but it's generally not a good idea to sell just because a stock went up as long as your investment thesis still applies. And I feel that Pinterest is an even stronger business today than when I bought it.Continue readingWeiter zum vollständigen Artikel bei MotleyFool