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17.05.2021 17:32:00

How Much Is Square Relying on Bitcoin?

Square (NYSE: SQ) recently delivered another amazing quarterly report. Revenue increased 266% year over year, and gross profit increased 79%. The fintech company's popular Cash App peer-to-peer payment tool was responsible for most of that first-quarter growth, which would seem to be good news. However, Bitcoin was responsible for most of Cash App's growth. Does relying on Bitcoin for high growth put Square at risk? And what are its other growth opportunities?Image source: Square.Square operates two separate businesses. The original is its sellers business, which provides technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. That ecosystem is attractive for smaller businesses that need an all-in-one financial solution. However, this part of Square hasn't fared so well during the pandemic due to the large number of small-business closures. Seller revenue increased only 19% in the first quarter, which actually reflects steady improvement -- over the past four quarters, seller revenue rose only 3.2% from the previous 12-month period.Continue reading
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