17.07.2019 21:22:00

Is Uber a Buy?

Investors have a chance to hail a ride on Uber Technologies (NYSE: UBER) -- the stock, not the service -- for slightly less than the $45 per-share price that IPO investors paid a little more than two months ago. We all love discounts, but is Uber broken or ready to bounce higher?Calling the bottom on Uber has been a challenging game. The stock has actually hit its original $45 price four times in its brief publicly traded tenure, only to buckle under all four times. There is a lot to like about Uber in terms of its market dominance in a growing niche, but critics will counter that Uber's slowing growth and SUV-sized losses are deal breakers. Let's see how Uber stacks up on your buying radar. Image source: Uber.Continue reading
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