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14.11.2019 21:00:00

K-Fish introduces premium seafood from Korea with "K-SEAFOOD GLOBAL WEEKS"

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The launch in 2017 of the Korean Fishery's national brand, K-FISH, aimed to promote the quality of Korean seafood and enhance its global competitiveness. Each year since then, the Korean fishery office has held two-week-long promotions entitled, "K-Seafood Global Weeks" in many countries. These special events are currently running in the US, Russia, and Indonesia at the same time.

This event showcased the 14 seafood products available for export, which are Gim(Laver), Miyok(Sea mustard), Oysters, Abalone, Sea cucumbers, Fish cake, Red snow crab, Seasoned squid, Conger eel, Flat fish, Tunas, Baby calms, Roes and Mackerel. The attendees were offered samples and learned of the quality of Korean seafood.

Food Bazaar, a supermarket chain that has 25 locations throughout the northeast, is hosting the K-FISH tasting events. These events introduce the K-FISH brand and stress the clean ecological environment for its production, their strict brand usage guidelines, and its rigorous quality management.
These tasting events are open to public.

About K-FISH
K-FISH is the famous Korean fishery export national brand that offers premium seafood for global seafood lovers. Based on the clean seas, the advanced management, and the stringent tests, K-FISH's products are of the best quality and very safe. Now you can purchase their wonderful seafood in US markets. Every product is a precious gift from the pure ocean and matches their meticulous procedures.

All delicious seafood is from K-FISH!



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