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26.11.2020 19:40:00

Metso Outotec extends mill reline offering with high-capacity Mill Reline Machine

Metso Outotec has expanded its mill reline equipment offering with a high-capacity Mill Reline Machine (MRM). The new MRM has a capacity of 4,000 kg, for easy and safe replacement of steel lining systems inside even the largest grinding mills.“Replacing steel lining systems inside the confined space of grinding mills is a time-consuming and demanding job requiring strict safety measures and highly reliable equipment. With the addition of the high-capacity MRM, Metso Outotec now provides a comprehensive range of Mill Reline Machines designed to ISO and IEC standards. The new MRM is designed for heavy-duty lining replacement tasks, with safety and efficiency as our top priorities,” Jared Le Cras, senior manager of mill reline equipment at Metso Outotec, said in a release.Benefits of the Metso Outotec Mill Reline Machine include:Efficient mill relining enabled by unique mechanical design features;Maximized reliability, thanks to easy data access and spares replacement;Minimized risk, thanks to industry-leading safety features andComprehensive service support via Metso Outotec’s global service network.In addition to mill reline machines, Metso Outotec’s mill reline equipment offering includes feed chute transporters, Tube MRMs and bolt hammers.(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)
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