18.01.2020 20:49:00

Netflix and Disney Investors Have No Need to Worry About NBC's Peacock

If you produce and own video-based content, launching a streaming service has become something you seemingly need to do. The problem is that the market has become saturated and getting consumers to care has become exceedingly difficult.Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) has a first-to-market advantage, and its 166 million subscribers set a standard for what success in streaming can look like. Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) has not released subscriber numbers for its Disney+ service, aside from noting that it had quickly passed 10 million paying customers, but external signs (like downloads of its app) suggest that the service has been a major success.Disney has used its extensive library and The Mandalorian, the first live-action show set in the Star Wars universe, to build its audience. Even with its impressive lineup of intellectual property (IP), Disney knew that it was entering a tough market, so it priced its service at $6.99 a month -- slightly more than half of the $12.99 Netflix charges for its standard plan.Continue reading
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