17.07.2019 20:15:00

Netflix Is Losing Its Most Popular Show in 2021

Thanks to some major mergers and new streaming competitors, life has gotten a little more complicated for Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) this past year. The company has long been the largest and most important streaming service around. But it hasn't grown to boast a user base far larger than those of runners-up like Hulu and Amazon's Prime Video on its own -- it had help from content partners. Netflix's early arrival on the streaming scene helped it land major hits from studios owned by companies like Disney and NBCUniversal (which is now owned by Comcast).In retrospect, it's very telling that Netflix's first rival -- Hulu -- was founded by media companies. Hulu's founding members, which included Disney and NBCUniversal, recognized early on that it made sense for companies with studios to own streaming services, as well. And Hulu's founding partners have gone on to plan future services that may be poised to take a larger chunk out of Netflix's market share than Hulu has thus far. These developments could challenge Netflix's hold on quality licensed content, because content creators like NBCUniversal are likely to want their biggest hits on their own streaming platforms -- which is how we find ourselves here today, learning that Netflix is losing The Office.Image source: Getty Images.Continue reading
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