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OTS: KfW / Afforestation to fight climate change - KfW supports the planting ...

Afforestation to fight climate change - KfW supports the planting of

one billion trees in Pakistan

Frankfurt am Main (ots) -

- EUR 13.5 million for sustainable forest management

- More involvement of local inhabitants in decentralised forest


- Securing the ecological livelihoods of 8 million People

Yesterday, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and

Development (BMZ) pledged EUR 13.5 million to the Pakistani Ministry

of Finance to support a programme for the afforestation of one

billion trees in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan. This is

the second phase of the Pakistani government's existing Billion Tree

Afforestation Project (BTAP), which is supported by KfW. The overall

programme will improve the living conditions of 8 million people from

the poorest sections of the population through additional income from

the operation of tree nurseries, resource-efficient forest management

and the sale of nuts, fruit and medicinal plants from the forest. It

will also stabilise the groundwater level. The local residents will

also have a greater say in forest management. At the same time, this

will lead to more efficient forest management in the future.

"By participating in the afforestation of one billion trees in

Pakistan, KfW is helping to secure the ecological livelihoods of one

of the countries in the world most heavily hit by climate change.

This will make a substantial contribution to counteracting rampant

deforestation and is thus an important building block in the fight

against climate change," said Prof Joachim Nagel, Member of KfW's

Executive Board.

Between 1990 and 2010, intensive deforestation in Pakistan

resulted in the loss of around 33% of the forest area, equivalent to

carbon emissions of 2.13 million tonnes, and negatively impacted the

water supply and living conditions of communities living near

forests, which use many natural products such as firewood and fruit.

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