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ProfNet Expert Alerts for July 10, 2020

NEW YORK, July 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.  

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  • Creating a personality brand
  • Treating sleep apnea
  • Controlling digital connections for businesses
  • Payment technology needs of airlines


  • Features Photo Editor – The Wall Street Journal (NY)


  • 2020 Election Events Guide & Coverage Tips for Journalists
  • Blog Profiles: Moth Blogs

Creating a personality brand
Sharon Haver
Online Marketing & Branding Expert, Entrepreneur
"Speak from your heart, address your situation, and that will immediately attract your best and most aligned audience and potential customers. It's the ultimate in attraction marketing."
Since cell phones have become our broadcast center and Zoom our conference room, showing up authentically in the virtual marketplace as a go-to authority in your niche can seem like a huge undertaking. But it doesn't have to be. Backed by a multi-dimensional three decade career in online marketing, web entrepreneur and personal branding expert, Sharon Haver is in a unique position to help savvy business owners and driven entrepreneurs build thriving virtual businesses that shine a light on their own unique genius. Sharon shares her secrets on how to create a personality brand that humanizes your products and services, tips for letting your individuality shine on camera, how to use visual storytelling to position you for success, and more at FocusOnStyle.com.
Media contact: Nicole Dickerson, connect@focusonstyle.com

Treating sleep apnea
Dr. Roger Roubal
Sleep Apnea Dentist
Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center
"Paying attention to and treating sleep apnea right now is more important than ever due to the impact it has on our immune systems – it helps prevent viruses and helps fight them quicker in the event we do come down with an illness."
In today's climate, it's as important as ever to do what we can to stay healthy and limit the spread of COVID-19. This is especially important for people with sleep apnea, as the side effects of this sleep disorder can weaken your immune system (many people don't even know they have it - yet 75% of snorers have sleep apnea). Dr. Roubal of the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center can speak to research findings by the Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine that states that oral sleep appliances are safer than CPAP machines. We feel this is an important message to get out to the public to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in our local communities in any way we can.
For those people who refuse or cannot wear a CPAP, an oral appliance is a very effective alternative. During the pandemic, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has actually released a position statement stating oral appliances should be prescribed as first-line treatment because they do not generate aerosols that could potentially spread COVID-19. Whatever a patient chooses, it is vitally important that follow-up, objective testing is done to ensure the sleep apnea is controlled.  
Dr. Roubal is the foremost sleep apnea dentist in Omaha, Nebraska. His practice, Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center, is one of the select institutions in the nation accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Although Dr. Roubal graduated with his DDS from Creighton University in 1974, he has never stopped learning, and he continues to add certifications and hours for advanced training in sleep apnea and snoring treatment. In 2013, Dr. Roubal became a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and a Diplomate of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine, and is the Immediate Past President of the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine. His facility is also accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, one of only 59 institutions nationwide to receive this distinction. These professional organizations and the recognitions they have given him set Dr. Roubal and the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center apart from other dentists and practices, being the most highly trained, credentialed, and experienced within a 200 mile radius.
Website: https://www.whywesnore.com  
Media contact: Kayla Eggenberg, keggenberg@smithkroeger.com  

Controlling digital connections for businesses
Miya Knights
Head of Industry Insight
Eagle Eye
"Despite the immediate benefits, online delivery company fees are likely to put a big dent in operator margins. These fees can quickly erode any short-term revenue gains. More importantly, by outsourcing their digital connection to customers, operators are essentially relinquishing control over their customer relationships to these third parties as well. Abdicating control over digital customer connections to the likes of Uber makes it impossible to know who your customers are, much as less who the best of those new and frequent online customers might be that could be persuaded to spend more by dining in as lockdowns are eased. Only those that own the digital connection they establish with their customers and use it to understand and so serve them better will be best positioned to not only survive, but thrive beyond this pandemic."
Miya can share insight on Uber's new grocery delivery service, how Covid-19 has changed grocery shopping patterns, and why grocers need to establish digital connections with customers.
Miya Knights has 20 years of experience as a journalist (former editor of Retail Technology magazine), analyst and research director specializing in retail enterprise technology (with Planet Retail and IDC Retail Insights) and has co-authored two bestselling books.
Website: www.eagleeye.com  
Media contact: Kelsey Dielman, kdielman@thinkinkpr.com

Payment technology needs of airlines
Kristian Gjerding
CellPoint Digital
"The challenges airlines and agencies have faced in issuing refunds for canceled flights has especially called out significant problems in payments tech. We know [airline] projects to deploy Apple Pay that can take a year... Apple Pay shouldn't take a year to deploy. That should be really fast. It's the result of complex legacy tech, non-integrated processes, and a lack of clarity on which teams are accountable for getting things done speaking generically."
Kristian can share insight on what airlines can and should be doing to turn payments into revenue drivers, issues with legacy payment technology, and the rise of contactless payments.
For more than a decade prior to founding CellPoint Digital, Gjerding shaped the payments ecosystem by helping global airline, payments and trade organizations establish best practices and standards around NFC communications, mobile payments and remote payments. His experience in this field includes current and past advisory roles with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Mobey Forum, National Retail Federation and others. Gjerding previously served in senior executive roles responsible for technology, wireless and mobile payments solutions at StorageTek, Sun Microsystems, Amdahl, Network Appliance and OIS.
Website: www.cellpointdigital.com  
Media contact: Kelsey Dielman, kdielman@thinkinkpr.com

Remote work and cybersecurity
Vineet Jain
"Having weathered the initial shock of the fast-moving pandemic crisis, many leaders are now utilizing their recent experiences to reimagine the world of work. For them, new working practices like a more remote and distributed workforce will be the norm as they evaluate the future role of the office."
Jain can discuss remote work, cybersecurity and reimagining the world of work in a post Covid-19 world. He also can discuss business survival tactics in difficult times.
Vineet was awarded top 50 CEO for a mid-sized company by USA Today 6 months ago. He has appeared on national news and business TV programs, quoted in national business press and sought after for premier speaking engagements.
Website: www.egnyte.com  
Media contact: Michelle Marin, mjmarinpr@gmail.com  


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  • Features Photo Editor – The Wall Street Journal (NY)


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