17.02.2020 02:28:00

"Sonic the Hedgehog" Rewards Paramount's Handling of Audience Complaints With a $57 Million Opening Weekend

Paramount Pictures has a hit on its hands after fixing some early customer complaints. Video game adaptation Sonic the Hedgehog is racing toward a $57 million opening weekend, according to website Box Office Mojo. Early estimates had pointed to a $40 million debut, and even that projection was seen as a franchise-making level of success.Those empty seats are filling up! Image source: Paramount Pictures.The result is particularly noteworthy because the movie garnered a sharp backlash against its early trailers in the spring of 2019. Fans took to social media outlets to complain about the title character's creepy appearance with human teeth in a cartoonish face. ViacomCBS (NASDAQ: VIAC) (NASDAQ: VIACA) studio Paramount took the trailer reviews to heart and redesigned Sonic from head to toe. The final result was palatable enough to keep audiences filling up more than 4,000 theaters.Continue reading
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