25.03.2019 13:54:00

Starlight Hybrid Global Real Assets Trust announces Distribution Reinvestment Plan

TORONTO, March 25, 2019 /CNW/ - Starlight Investments Capital LP ("Starlight Capital"), on behalf of Starlight Hybrid Global Real Assets Trust (the "Trust"), is pleased to announce the launch of the Trust's distribution reinvestment and optional cash purchase plan (the "Plan"). The Plan provides eligible holders ("Unitholders") of Series A units ("Series A Units") and Series C units ("Series C Units") of the Trust, an opportunity to acquire additional Series A Units at the greater of either the NAV per Series A Unit or 97% of the average market price (as such term is defined in the Plan). The Plan provides an efficient and cost-effective way for the Trust to issue additional equity to existing Unitholders.

Starlight Capital (CNW Group/Starlight Capital)

Unitholders may choose to make optional cash purchases of Series A Units under the Plan at any time in amounts equal to or greater than $1,000, but not to exceed $100,000 per annum. The aggregate number of Series A Units issued pursuant to optional cash purchases, in any financial year, cannot exceed 2% of the issued and outstanding Series A Units as at the beginning of that financial year. In respect of the distribution on which the foregoing 2% limit would otherwise be exceeded, the maximum number of Series A Units as would be within the 2% limit will be allocated on a pro rata basis to Unitholders who have elected to make optional cash purchases in respect of such distribution, and any remaining cash will thereafter be returned to the appropriate Unitholders.

A Unitholder may terminate participation in the Plan at any time. Interested Unitholders should contact their brokers and consult with the full text of the Plan. A copy of the Plan is available on www.sedar.com or can be requested from our Advisor and Investor Experience Department.

About Starlight Hybrid Global Real Assets Trust
The Trust's investment objective is to provide unitholders with stable monthly cash distributions and long-term capital appreciation through exposure to institutional quality real assets in the global real estate and global infrastructure sectors.

About Starlight Capital and Starlight Investments
Starlight Capital is an independent asset management firm offering mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and structured products. Our goal is to deliver superior risk adjusted returns to investors through a disciplined investment approach, Focused Business Investing. Starlight Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Starlight Investments. Starlight Investments is a privately-held, full service, real estate investment and asset management company. The firm manages over $9.0 billion of assets on behalf of institutional joint ventures as well as publicly listed REITs, closed end funds and investment funds and is driven by an experienced team of over 150 professionals. Please visit us at www.starlightcapital.com and connect with us on LinkedIn.

SOURCE Starlight Capital

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