26.03.2023 15:45:00

Stock Market Sell-Off: Is Microsoft a Buy?

In 2022, the Nasdaq Composite plunged 33%, bringing down the stocks of some of the world's most valuable companies. For instance, despite having the second-largest market cap in the world at $2 trillion, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) fell 29% throughout last year. Like many in the tech world, the company was hit by steep declines in the PC market brought on by reduced consumer spending.However, Microsoft's history of stellar growth suggests recent headwinds are only temporary, and its developing venture in artificial intelligence (AI) is a strong argument for long-term success. The stock has begun trending up since the start of 2023 but remains down 10% year over year. Here's why a stock market sell-off is an excellent time to buy Microsoft. Microsoft went public in March 1986 at $21 per share. It has climbed so high over the years that the company has had nine stock splits in total. Thirty-seven years later, Microsoft continues to provide investors with consistent and substantial growth. Even with 2022's decline, over the last five years, the stock has risen 203%, and by 864% over the last decade. And since 2018, annual revenue has climbed 80% to $198 billion, with operating income soaring 138% to $83 billion.  Continue reading
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