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17.06.2021 16:57:39

Streaming's Easy-Growth Days Are Over, Apple and Netflix Face Greatest Risk

A new survey suggests that the honeymoon may be over for streaming video names like Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX).Although consumers were briefly enamored with on-demand video that made the pandemic's lockdowns at least bearable, there are indications they're now falling out of love with most of these platforms. The recently published telecommunication and media-services satisfaction report from American Customer Satisfaction Index LLC indicates a marked downturn in customer satisfaction for these entertainment services.It's not the end of the world -- at least not yet. But, the timing of the downturn is telling. It materialized at a point when consumers had time to think about optimizing their entertainment budgets, and after a swell of new streaming competitors facilitated plenty of comparison shopping. The suppressed satisfaction scores suggest something much bigger may be underway. That something is the end of easy, huge growth in streaming subscriber bases.Continue reading
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