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23.08.2019 18:13:00

The 10 Biggest Renewable Energy Stocks

The global economy has an addiction to fossil fuels, burning through an ever-increasing amount of oil, coal, and natural gas. While it is projected that the earth has enough oil in reserve to last the economy through at least 2050, there's still only a finite amount of these energy resources available. Worse yet, scientists have shown that our continued burning of these greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels is quickening the pace of climate change.Given the severe issues facing fossil fuels, many organizations have been working on developing cleaner, alternative sources of energy to combat these and other problems. While the renewable energy industry is still developing, sector leaders are beginning to emerge. Given their size and expertise, these companies will likely be key players as the industry continues growing in the coming decades.Investors who are learning how to invest in renewable energy stocks should get to know these industry leaders. That way, you'll have a better understanding of what made these companies successful, which should help you identify the characteristics needed to win in the renewable energy sector.Continue reading
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