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13.10.2019 16:13:00

The Biggest Loser in Disney+ vs. Netflix Isn't Who You Think

Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) is launching an all-out assault on Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) this November with the introduction of the Disney+ video streaming service. Other traditional media powerhouses have followed suit, announcing a plethora of in-house streaming platforms.Netflix is staring down a massive array of fresh competitors, many of whom used to be partners and content providers for the leading video service. Like Disney, they have started to cancel their content contracts with Netflix to feed exclusive shows and movies into their proprietary alternatives.The changing competitive landscape has slammed the brakes on Netflix's stock price gains. Netflix shares are trading 21% below their year-ago prices today. Market makers are ready to declare that Disney and friends are about to kill Netflix, long before most of the proposed rivals become available to consumers in America and around the world.Continue reading
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