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04.07.2020 18:10:00

The Boeing 737 MAX Completes Flight Tests: So What?

Boeing's (NYSE: BA) troubled 737 MAX jet is one step closer to being cleared for commercial flights again. This week, Boeing and FAA staff completed three days of test flights -- a key part of the process to determine whether recent design changes have made the aircraft safe to fly.Six months ago, reaching this milestone would have been seen as a big turning point for Boeing. While the recertification process isn't complete yet, Boeing is now well positioned to resume 737 MAX deliveries later this year. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has decimated aircraft demand in recent months, making steps toward recertifying the 737 MAX far less meaningful.In the weeks ahead, FAA officials will analyze data gathered during the recent series of test flights. This will help them verify the effectiveness of Boeing's design changes. Other upcoming steps in the recertification process include analyzing proposed pilot training procedures and documentation supplied by Boeing. Following a public comment period, the FAA may finally take the long-awaited steps of recertifying the 737 MAX and outlining the procedures that airlines must follow to reactivate their 737 MAX fleets.Continue reading
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