The Elon Musk IPO You Might Be Overlooking | 02.03.21 |

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02.03.2021 16:54:16

The Elon Musk IPO You Might Be Overlooking

They're no denying that Elon Musk is the greatest businessman of his generation! In a little over a decade, Musk went from obscurity to among the world's richest due to the growth of Tesla stock, as he's grown the electric car company from a $1.7 billion IPO to an $600 billion giant.However, Tesla's electric cars are not Elon Musk's craziest idea by a long shot. Musk is also the CEO of SpaceX, the aerospace and space transportation services company with the audacious goal to colonize Mars. Private investors are all in on Musk's vision, recently giving the company a massive $74 billion valuation.Ironically, a SpaceX IPO might eventually be the best way for investors to own a cheap Musk-led company...but it's not because of space travel.Continue reading
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