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26.06.2022 12:41:00

There's a Strong Bull Case for Metaverse Real Estate, Even as Crypto Plunges

There's a real possibility that we've entered the crypto winter of our discontent, and that's weighing heavily on everything in the crypto space. Art-based NFTs have seen a drop in interest, and coin values are down appreciably pretty much across the board. A lot of this is due to investors fleeing to safer harbors, and really, who can blame them given the state of the wider economy?But, oddly enough, interest in metaverse real estate continues to hum along. Maybe it's because metaverse real estate represents more than simple buy-and-hold transactions (or even buy-and-flip transactions). After all, metaverse real estate is also a business opportunity in disguise.Metaverse real estate prices are indeed lower than they've previously been -- but it's also true that this is just another part of the wider investment market slump. Although metaverse real estate held out fairly long for a virtual asset, it had to eventually feel the downward tug of gravity just like the rest of the world. But that doesn't mean that the party is over. Heck, it's barely begun.Continue reading
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