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06.06.2021 15:05:00

United Airlines Makes a Dubious Bet on Supersonic Jets

United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAL) made a big splash on Thursday. The global airline giant announced plans to become the launch operator for Boom Supersonic's first commercial jet. United will offer its substantial technical expertise to help the start-up bring its Boom Overture supersonic aircraft to market by 2029.Alas, there are very good reasons why there are no supersonic commercial jets flying today, more than half a century after the Concorde's first flight. United Airlines will struggle to find a profitable niche for supersonic flights on the Boom Overture -- assuming the product gets built in the first place.United Airlines says that it has signed a commercial agreement with Boom to buy 15 Boom Overture supersonic jets, with options for another 35. The aircraft purchases are conditional on the Overture meeting "United's demanding safety, operating and sustainability requirements," not to mention achieving FAA certification.Continue reading
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