07.12.2017 21:37:21

ARGENTINA: Judge Rules Pre-trial Detention Of Cristina's Former Minister

(RTTNews) - Argentinean judge Claudio Bonadio handed down a pre-trial detention order against Héctor Timerman, a former Foreign Minister under Cristina Kirchner, in the same case he asked the Senate to strip the former president of her parliamentary immunity.

Bonadio also ordered the arrest of Carlos Zannini, a former legal aide, and Luis D'Elía for the alleged cover-up of Iranian citizens suspected of involvement in the bombing of the Argentinean-Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA), which killed 85 people in 1994.

In October, Timerman testified to Bonadio, denied the charges, and blamed the so-called "vulture funds" for acting in the shadows to hold the previous government responsible for the covering-up the bombing.