07.12.2017 21:23:16

BRAZIL: House Speaker Says Pension Reform Bill Still Lacks Enough Votes

(RTTNews) - The Brazilian House of Representatives Speaker Rodrigo Maia said that the government is "facing a hard time to get enough votes" for the pension reform bill. "But we will get there," he added.

According to him, there is no schedule yet for a floor vote on the pension reform bill.

"I am sure that if we had four more weeks, the pension reform would be approved. But we have a maximum of one week, ten days, and we will work with this deadline to approve the reform," he said.

"Whether or not the parties are in the coalition or not, we need to build the environment to vote for the reform quickly. What we know today is that we do not have the number needed to guide the reform ahead, but we will continue to work on it," Maia said.

Rodrigo Maia also noted that he would try to work to approve the reform using all available dates before the parliamentary recess, as of December 22.

"The Chamber works until the 22nd. We have to work with all possible dates," he said.