08.12.2017 00:37:42

HONDURAS: Latin American Countries Support Presidential Vote Recount

(RTTNews) - The governments of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay expressed collective support to the Electoral Council of Honduras' decision to proceed with a full vote recount after the opposition has cast doubts on official results of the presidential election.

The Latin American countries aforementioned supported a preliminary report in which the Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) calls for an agreement among the main candidates to accept the final recount, whatever it should be, according to a statement issued by Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Honduras does not rule out requesting a new presidential election in the country if there is no certainty on the final result," warned OAS secretary general Luis Almagro.

Honduras is in the middle of a political crisis after fraud allegation related to the results of the presidential poll hold on November 26. According to the Honduran Electoral Council, the President Juan Orlando Hernandez was re-elected with 42.98%, defeating the opposition leader Salvador Nasralla (41.3%).

Support to the allegations of election fraud increased in the days after the November 26 vote. Nasralla had a 5% lead over Hernández, but a lengthy vote count delay and an unexpected change in the results led to opposition complaints of irregularities.