Ashmore SICAV Emerging Markets Global Small-Cap Equity Fund Institutional III USD Acc Fonds


The objective of the Sub-Fund is to invest mainly in Transferable Securities within the meaning of Article 41(1) of the Law of 2010. More particularly, the Sub-Fund will mainly seek to access the returns available from equities and equity-related instruments issued by Small-Cap Corporates and Quasi-Sovereigns located in Emerging Markets, including voting and non-voting common stock, common stock issued to special shareholder classes, preferred stock, and from related synthetic products of all types and denominated in any currency, including depositary receipts, warrants, securities convertible into equity securities, other equity-related investments whose returns vary on the basis of the issuer’s profitability (e.g. participation notes).

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ISIN LU1044580923
Fondsgesellschaft Ashmore Investment Management
Kategorie Global Emerging Markets Small/Mid-Cap Equity
Währung USD
Mindestanlage 1 000 000,00
Sparplan Nein
VL-fähig? Nein
Thesaurierend/Ausschüttend Thesaurierend
Fondsmanager Patrick Cadell

Aktuelle Daten

Fondsnote -
Aktueller Rücknahmepreis 151,42
Fondsvolumen 22 556 162,10
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 2,15


Verwaltungsgebühr %
Depotbankgebühr 0,01 %
Rücknahmegebühr 0,00 %
Ausgabeaufschlag 5,00 %


Auflagedatum 12.03.2014
Depotbank Northern Trust Global Services SE
Zahlstelle Northern Trust Global Services Ltd
Domizil Luxembourg
Geschäftsjahr 31.12.2020


Veränderung Vortag 0,88